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Patrick Fox
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Your one and only marsupial rabbit.
  • Listening to: Within Temptation
  • Reading: Wheel of Time (book 1)
  • Watching: Fringe
  • Playing: World of Warcraft
  • Eating: Cinnamon Rolls
  • Drinking: Nesquik is up and running!  Hopefully this year I will be able to get actual pages up on the specific comics I want to write.  Here's to a kickass year!


Retreat, retreat,
the call goes out,
stuck on repeat.

Bar the gate,
bar the windows,
guard the estate.

Shore up the defenses,
erect the wall,
the razor-wire fences.

Retreat, retreat,
the call goes out,
stuck on repeat.

If they be foe,
they mean us harm
entry is simply no.

If they be friend,
no entry still,
as we must defend.

We are all that is here,
to protect ourselves,
against all that is near.

Retreat, retreat,
the call goes out,
stuck on repeat.

The war draws close,
we are unmatched,
disarmed and morose.

What can we do,
against an army,
with just so few.

Let no one in,
it's safe in here,
all alone again.

Retreat, retreat,
I call out to myself,
stuck on repeat.

Patrick Fox
19 Sept 2016
With a myrp and wag off I go,
The world is new and I must show,
That this little foxsel's ready to play,
Ready to experience a brand new day.

The storms have finally passed on by,
The sun shining brightly in the sky,
As flowers begin their yearly bloom,
Chasing away the sorrow and the gloom.

I flick my tail and spy my target,
Crouching, slinking, ready, set...
Pounce and bounce into my stance,
A fearsome little weasel war dance.

My collar shakes and jingles loud,
As you sit back laughing, ever so proud.
I will have none of your trickery,
But I fail to notice what you now see.

In my zest fueled by my overwhelming zeal,
I had not noticed the cool breeze I now feel.
My shorts had decided to take their leave,
Apparently in need of a short reprieve.

It wasn't until I was in my mid-flight bound,
Had my ears heard that soft crinkle sound.
Frozen in time was this little gymnast,
My diaper exposed for all to bear witness.

Upon landing down upon all four paws,
I tug at my shirt, desperate little claws,
I try to hide my blushing humiliation,
Coupled by your giggling observation.

Then to my rescue you up and came,
Amused by my failed weasel war game.
I can't help but laugh at my own plight,
For it truly had been a funny little sight.

Reunited with my shorts once again,
Now the rest of the day could begin.
With a squeeze, a hug, and a brush of fur,
We scamper off onto our grand adventure.

Patrick Fox  3 April 2016
A bark, a yip, a crinkle or two,
My world’s complete now that I’m with you.

In desperate moments of the past,
Decisions were made severing what we held fast.
An uphill battle in an unjust war,
The odds stacked against a keyless locked door,
But from that moment we first met,
Our fates were sealed, forever more, lest we forget.

As true as the sun dances in the sky,
Is this love we share, until the day we die;
Even when it seemed all was lost,
And our darkest hours chimed their unholy cost,
A ray of hope, a glimmer of light,
Sends the shadows back, into that god forsaken night.

Each day that we’ve spent apart,
Chips away at this tired and worn fragile little heart,
Begging, no, pleading for hope,
For one more chance, one more knot in the rope,
To lift us up, over, and high above,
The battlefield of life with our undying love.

Now here we are in each other’s paws,
Breaking down the doors, transcending the laws,
Of that which governs the world,
That our love fights on, completely unfurled,
Unfettered and yes, undeterred,
Shouting to all those souls who haven’t heard.

In your loving arms I sleep,
My little furry body is yours to keep,
Its foxy, ‘roo and bunny bits
And pieces, weasel together forms and fits,
Into the whole that is me,
Add you to the mix and that makes we.

A bark, a yip, a crinkle or two,
Our world’s complete, now that it’s me and you.

Patrick Fox 1 April 2016
In the forest of man, I wandered all alone,
Guided down a path of my own accord.
I slip and fall upon loose gravel stone,
Nearly swept away by treacherous fjord.

I lose my grip and communications lost,
Stranded now upon this rocky bank.
The hill is too steep and not worth the cost,
So another way I must find and flank.

Darkness begins to cast it’s lonely shadow,
My world’s gone cold with apathy.
And despite all I’ve learned, all I know,
I succumb to fear and anxiety.

Just then, before all had been lost,
A flicker of a flame ignites the night.
And into your world I am tossed,
Spreading the warmth of your light.

Shock and chills dance upon my skin,
A ballet of black, white, and grey.
Where was I and where had I been,
No longer a concern – come what may.

I expected pain and turmoil’s grasp,
It was further from the truth.
With one look and one final gasp,
I felt the the freedom of youth.

Washed over with a soothing grace,
All over and down my human form.
Fur begins to spread across my face,
As my body prepares to transform.

The bliss caresses all down my spine,
Extending into a large bushy tail.
What in all of this world of mine,
Sparked this beautiful hell?

As the world grew I fell to my knees,
Four padded toes on four padded paws.
An answer to my prayers, to my pleas,
I dug into the earth with ivory claws.

Large fuzzy ears flopped upon my head,
As long whiskers danced on my muzzle.
The changed then continued to spread,
A little foxy nose ready to nuzzle.

Weasel belly ticked with tingle,
Fur had gone and split in two.
Velvet whites ripple, wrinkle,
Kangaroo’s pouch I now knew.

The change complete and done,
I looked myself over and grinned.
This new animal form I had won,
It’s name though I had not pinned.

From out of the shadows you step,
And grace my world again.
In your loving paws I wept,
Saved from the dark world of men.

With joy I barked and yipped,
Amber-green eyes now finally see,
That I am yours, your little Skillet,
Little foxsel me, collared and free.

Patrick Fox    27 Mar 2016
Collared and Free
Foxsel = part weasel, part 'roo, all fox.
I set myself up to fall again,
Yet here I stand.
I find myself in familiar hands,
Or rather paws.

Life has me twisted all up,
Expecting pain.
However, I take a step,
Pressing on.

Fear frightens my mind,
Is this real?
Hope frees my heart,
Very much so.

Will it be a clear moment,
Of lucidity?
Or is it a brand new day,
Dawning bright.

I feel myself slipping into,
Your warm embrace.
I need this to be true,

Do you feel it too, or...
Is it just me?
Our halves have reunited,
Into a whole.

Patrick Fox
18 Mar 2016
Into a Whole
What was lost can be found.


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